Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to HARO Intro & FAQ

  • 2


    • Who Is This Course For?

    • What Are the Benefits?

  • 3

    Prepare Your Email Inbox

    • Securing A Business Email Address

    • Watch Henny Buy Her Perfect Domain Name with Namecheap

    • Set Email Filters for HARO

    • How to Set a Filter in Gmail

    • Your Email Is Now Ready for HARO Queries!

  • 4

    Create A HARO Account

    • Register as a Source

    • Select your HARO Preferences

    • Receive HARO Emails

  • 5

    Responding to HARO Queries

    • Write a HARO Source Pitch

    • Ways to Send Your Pitch

    • What Your Pitch Looks Like to Reporters

  • 6

    What To Do After the Pitch?

    • 3 Ways to Track HARO Pitches

    • Setting Up Google Alerts

    • Following Up Your HARO Pitch

I'll show you step-by-step how easy and inexpensive it is to use to get your brand's information placed in local, national, and international media, in the homes of your best leads, and or even the desks of your future investors. This course is a must if you need to make a huge impact in a short time. You do not need to have prior publicity or media coverage to be successful in this course.